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It's Easier If I Just Show You

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History Lesson! Send some!

➀ :
A memory that still makes me angry.
➁ :
A memory that used to anger me but they've since gotten over or forgiven.
➂ :
A memory that never fails to make me smile.
➃ :
A story about me from when I was little, but that I only know from stories.
➄ :
A memory that still makes me sad.
➅ :
A song I used to love but now don't.
➆ :
A song I used to love and still do.
➇ :
A place I used to visit a lot but haven't for awhile.
➈ :
Someone I used to be close with.
➉ :
Someone I didn't like at first but do now.
○ :
Other -- Ask any question about my past that you would like.

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I got a lot happier when I stopped protesting that shitty slang was being added to the dictionary, and started rolling my eyes at it. It’s like, calm down, y’know? The words I love will still be there, and while I might hate swag and yolo, I refuse to be that old guy slavering and frothing at change.

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My friend’s little sister just bought a house, and I’m sitting in a camp chair in my furniture-less living room, drinking a beer and pondering my choices. On the plus side, there’s Internet in this room!

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flutes players need to breathe

flute players need to omfgbreathe 

flute players need to breathe




the soften part is where the flute players begin to die off one by one

Those that make it to the end of the song go on to reproduce, ensuring the next generation of flute players is stronger. This is known as Survival of the Flutist. 

"is this the hell low brass go through"


In high school jazz band, I was sometimes given the bass guitar part to play on my tuba. You know what the bass guitar doesn’t do in a jazz song? Stop. You know what else they don’t? Need to stop playing to breathe.

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Sure-fire sign I’ve been off my meds for a few days: stuck somewhere between breaking down in tears and flying into a rage because I can’t get the brightness on my computer to change. Don’t worry folks, I’m back on them, I just… Y’know, forgot. Because I’m dumb.